The Light Outside the Box

“To the dreamers, wide eyed believers, hanging onto hope by a thread.” – For King and Country

That line sums up my life. I’m a young adult who dreams and loves to explore those dreams. “Forever the optimist,” as some may say. I call it God’s grace working in and through my life. I’m a Christian, but before you go putting me in that box, let’s look and see what does it mean?

I like to see life through different perspectives. My ideas may seem unconventional, but that’s the point. Why live inside the box and follow the status quo? I’m finding that with God, there is so much more to life than fitting in and just being. He calls us, each of us, for a relationship with himself.

So, let’s explore life together! Let’s dream together. Let’s be wide eyed believers, who hear God’s voice and say “Yes”. There are certainly going to be times when we feel we’re hanging on to hope by a thread, but God’s still got us.